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Halstad Mutual Fire Insurance Company began in 1890 in Halstad Township of Norman County, Minnesota as a farm mutual insurance company founded by local farmers. To this day, Halstad Mutual provides various insurance and reinsurance products for farmers, homeowners, and other residents in both rural and city settings. If you need to protect your greatest assets, then Halstad Mutual is the company to call.

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Farmowners Insurance

Farmowners insurance is Halstad Mutual Fire Insurance Company’s core product since its founding. Farmowners insurance is similar to homeowners insurance except that it differs in terms of what is covered.

Some items covered in farmowners insurance policies include:

  • Damage to property caused by fire
  • Storage bins and silos related to farm products
  • Chemicals related to agricultural processes such as pesticides
  • Farm equipment such as tractors and plows
  • Farmowners insurance will not cover crops or crop failures

Halstad Mutual began by providing insurance against fire to local farmers. Since that time, the company has diversified its policy offerings to include farm liability insurance, homeowners insurance, dwelling insurance, renters insurance, and more. Through reinsurance in northwest Minnesota counties by the Grinnell Reinsurance Company, Halstad Mutual reduces the risk to its policyholders and provides superior insurance products.


Homeowners Insurance

Although Halstad Mutual insured farmers from the outset, the company’s policyholders now include citizens from all walks of life, living in small towns and larger cities in the vincinity of Halstad. To meet the needs of a growing customer base, Halstad offers homeowners insurance. Halstad Mutual’s homeowners policies cover damage to the property’s interior and exterior, damage to other structures on the property, and liability insurance in case of a personal injury claim against you.


Rural and City Dwelling Insurance

If you have investment properties or other properties that you own but do not live in, it is not cost-effective to cover the property with a full homeowners insurance policy. Dwelling insurance covers damage to the building but no liability or other costs.



  • I would like to thank all of you for being so helpful. It's refreshing when something difficult happens that we have a local insurance company with caring employees that help you through the bumps in the road.

    Stephanie J.

  • Halstad Mutual Fire has been a great help when in need. We had to ensure that our newly purchased farm property was covered. Our local agent was knowledgeable and definitely looked out for our needs and really showed us the commitment that Halstad agents have when assisting their clients with ...

    Bob S.


    Halstad Mutual Fire Insurance Company Annual Meeting Notice

    The Annual Meeting of Halstad Mutual Fire Insurance Company will be held at The Legion Recreation Center in Halstad, MN on the 2nd Monday in the month of March.

    Business to be conducted will include election of Members of the Board of Directors along with other business properly brought before the annual meeting.

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