Home Insurance

Like most homeowners, your home is your prized possession, which you saved for and created memories inside. Ensure that an accident or disaster does not cost you it all by having a robust homeowners insurance policy. With Halstad Mutual Fire Insurance Company on your side, you will be able to weather any storm and quickly rebuild if a disaster ever strikes.

Although farmers started Halstad Insurance, it has grown into a diversified 21st-century insurance company. We rely on state-of-the-art statistics and actuarial science to keep costs low and anticipate risk. Halstad Mutual uses reinsurance to spread the risk even further. Reinsurance means that other investors take on some farm risk. By spreading risk to others, not just farmers, Halstad Mutual enhances its ability to meet its obligations to policyholders even if climate change or misfortune causes many farmers to suffer losses at the same time.

Lake Properties

If you have the good fortune to enjoy a home or cabin by a lake, make sure that you have suitable coverage for any water-related damage. Damages can occur likely due to flooding, and you will need liability coverage in the case there is an accident on the water.


Renters Insurance

Even if you do not own your own home, your possessions are valuable. Do not leave them unprotected. Renter’s insurance will reimburse you for any property that is damaged or destroyed within your rented space. Rental insurance covers the tenant’s portion of liability for damage but does not cover damage that the landlord would be responsible for fixing.

Property and Personal Insurance

If you do not have a fixed place of residence, that does not mean you have to leave your belongings unprotected. Property insurance and personal insurance will cover your personal effects. Regardless of whether you are at home or traveling, Halstad Mutual wants you to have peace of mind and know that a community of homeowners will be there for you.

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