Dwellings Insurance

Dwellings insurance provides coverage for properties that the owner does not reside in primarily. For example, suppose you own a lakeside cottage and go fishing there during the summer months or inherited a home in the city and are planning to fix it eventually. In that case, dwelling insurance might be for you. Dwellings insurance covers damage to the property itself but no personal liability. This policy keeps costs down by skipping coverage for things that you won’t need as long as the property is unoccupied. Halstad Mutual Fire Insurance Company offers different forms of dwelling insurance, each tailored to a different living situation.

Rural Dwelling Insurance

Halstad Mutual offers separate policies for rural dwellings and city dwellings. Each type of environment carries its risks, and rural dwelling insurance can save you some money if your rural location is further away from other people, which reduces the risk of crime or fire. Adjusting the premiums and benefit levels of policies based on the context allows us to keep premiums as low as possible and efficiently meet our policyholders’ needs.

City Dwelling Insurance

Cities are convenient, bustling, and exciting. That excitement brings increased risk. The proximity of other people, stores, bars, and so on may increase crime. There is also a slightly higher risk for infrastructure failures such as gas leaks. A home away from home or investment property in the city has many advantages. City dwelling insurance lets you enjoy them while we manage the risks.

Property Insurance

If you keep the property at a dwelling where you do not live, be sure to protect it against fire, water damage, theft, or anything else that might happen to your property while you cannot keep an eye on it. Property insurance does not depend on you keeping your belongings or valuables in any particular place, which is convenient if you store property temporarily at a dwelling and bring it to your home occasionally as needed.

The policies that Halstad Mutual offers today reflect the understanding that home can mean different things for different people. From the days in the 19th century when the family farm formed the bedrock of the American economy, through the profound changes of the twentieth century, to an emerging world of gig economies, remote workplaces, and global interconnectedness, Halstad Mutual has evolved. Wherever you call home, however, you earn your livelihood, and we will stand with you.

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