Farmowners Insurance

Farmowners insurance is a specialty of Halstad Mutual Fire Insurance Company. Farmers in Halstad, Minnesota, founded the company seeking to protect each other from losses due to fire. Halstad Mutual has grown and serves various clients; however, our core mission to safeguard farmers remains our priority. Farmers who have policies with us receive coverage for a broader range of risks, not just fire. Take a moment to view our policy options and see if they are suitable for you and your farm.

Farm Liability

Farm liability coverage protects you from liability for injuries or losses that arise when somebody visits your farm. This coverage can include bodily injury due to contact with animals, farm machinery, chemicals, and other risks associated with farm environments. Farm life carries a certain degree of danger. Farm machinery can also break, causing injury, or livestock can kick or bite. At Halstad Mutual, we know that any personal injuries must be set right, but not at the cost of your business or livelihood.

Personal Liability

Personal liability insurance protects you from liability unrelated to business activities, such as farm operations. A loose step, uneven ground, animals, and other risks on the property could cause damage to property or injury. Personal liability insurance compensates people injured on your property.

Property Insurance

Farms depend on equipment and supplies for operation, and the property that keeps the farm running is often by necessity exposed to the elements. Bad weather, fire, vandalism, and other dangers could cost you valuable property. Farmers cannot eliminate risks, but property insurance makes it manageable, allowing farmers to recover from accidents and disasters.

Farm Equipment Insurance

Farm equipment insurance, including grain bin insurance, protects you against the breakdown of any machinery you use for your farm’s operation, including tractors, plows, livestock feeding and maintenance equipment, greenhouse equipment, grain storage bins, and a variety of other tools. Different farms rely on different types of machinery and equipment.

Farm Inventory Insurance

Maintaining crops and livestock requires a consistent supply of feed, fertilizer, pesticides, and other supplies. Animals raised for slaughter and harvested crops must be stored and protected. Fire, storms, and other natural disasters can ruin an inventory that took months to generate in a few hours, possibly setting a farmer back for an entire season. Farm Inventory Insurance from Halstad Mutual gives farmers breathing room to regroup after a disaster and begin to replenish inventory.

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